2021 Calendar

The following represents dates the ARB is tentatively scheduled to meet and conduct hearings. The information is subject to change and may not reflect the final hearing schedule.

January 20th
New Member Orientation

January 21st
ARB Hearings
Swear in Officers
Swear in New ARB Members
Swear in 2nd & 3rd Term Members
Adopt 2021 Internal Policies and Procedures


March 3rd

March 4th
ARB Hearings

April 20 th

May 4th & 5th
Mandatory State Comptroller Training New Members
Mandatory State Comptroller Training Continuing Education

May 21st
Legal Workshop

May 24th-28th
ARB Hearings

June 1st-30th
ARB Hearings

July 1st-16th
ARB Hearings

August (TBD)
ARB Hearings

September (TBD)
ARB Hearings

October 15th
Legal Workshop

October (TBD)
ARB Hearings

November (TBD)
ARB Hearings
Election of 2022 Officers
Appoint 2022 Policies & Procedures Committee

December 9th
ARB Hearings

December (TBD)
Policies and Procedure Committee Meetings

Last updated: 01/19/2021
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