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Collin ARB Video Hearing

Please read through the below instructions before entering the public hearing waiting room to streamline your hearing process!

**Video hearings must be accessed from a PC, Laptop or Mac (no Android/iOS phone devices). We recommend Google Chrome browser for the best experience.**

Once you enter the public hearing waiting room, be sure to enter you full name (first and last), and then click on the gear icon to test your microphone functionality and sound playback:

When the gear icon button is pushed you will also see the below prompt appear at the top of the screen where you must allow the use of your microphone:

With the allowance of your microphone you can now test its functionality in the settings box shown below. You should see the green bar bounce as you speak in the microphone; the lower speaker portion can be tested by clicking on the Test button that will play back simple tones so you can verify you are ready for your hearing (no web cam video will be transferred throughout the hearing process only screen sharing of prior submitted evidence):

Once you have success with your sound settings close the settings box and click the “Continue” button:

You will then be joined to the public hearing waiting room where an operator may contact you for hearing details or ship you directly into a live panel room where you can listen in to active public hearings that are ahead of you.

If you have questions or would like to learn more about the ARB hearing process please see our helpful videos section.

If your hearing is today and no more than 30 minutes before your scheduled hearing time; click here to join the public hearing waiting room. (recommended browser: Google Chrome)

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